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      Our Mission:

      Leading the future car life.

      Leading, is our confident attitude and relentless pursuit.
      Future, is the infinite extension of time and space. Human beings, cars and life are all blended instead of separated in future.
      Car, is the overall concept of products, including cars, new energy vehicles, smart cars, Internet cars and etc.
      Life, is representing people, particularly all BAIC Motor staff, and is referring to the Joyful and Beautiful BAIC Motor in a macroscopic perspective.
      BAIC Motor is committed to providing innovative products, best service, and best travel solutions to consumers, aiming at leading a fine “People+Car” life in future.

      Our Vision:

      Create value for users. Add value for shareholders. Achieve value for employees. Extend value for partners. Contribute to communities and society. Be a respected leader in the automotive industry!

      To provide users with products and service far beyond their expectations.
      To offer shareholders good returns.
      To create opportunities and platforms for employees to achieve personal value.
      To extend industry chain value for business partners.
      To fulfill social responsibilities and to be model of finest corporate citizen.
      Gathering all forces together, BAIC Motor is now becoming the respected leader of the automotive industry!

      Our Core Values:

      Customer First. Pragmatic and Honest. Open and Innovative. Ambitious to be leading. Passionate and Focused. Efficient and Well-executed.

      For the Company - 

      Customer First, is the foundation and basic attitude for the company, and is the core of cores.
      Pragmatic and Honest, is the basis of success, and is pragmatic, affectionate, honest and capable.

      For the Team -
      Open and Innovative, is the source of motivation, is the reflection of inclusiveness, mind and vision, internationalization, and the innovation of going beyond reality and beyond oneself as well. 
      Ambitious to be leading, is the request of career, is the spirit of courage and ambition, and is the implementation of "The Motor Rise, The Group Success" requirement.

      For the Individuals - 
      Passionate and Focused, is qualities that we should have, and is our persistent pursuits of objectives and full commitments on them.
      Efficient and Well-executed, is characteristics that we should hold, and is highly efficient, vigorous and resolute.

      Our Spirit:

      Work hardest. Team work. Advance despite difficulties. Determined to win.

      The BAIC Motor spirit is the spiritual pillars and source of power for each one in the company and requires to be inherited and expanded consistently.

      Our Business Philosophy:

      Quality. Responsibility. Lean. Innovation.

      Quality, is continuous improvement and pursuit of perfection.
      Responsibility, is the courage to bear and to take responsibilities.
      Lean, is efficient research and development, lean management and production, and precise marketing as well.
      Innovation, is pursuit of the "Zero to One" creative innovation.

      Our Brand Concept:

      Your Wish · Our Ways

      “Your Wish” reflects values of the BAIC people that they follow in the process of inheriting and moving forward when connecting people, doing business and creating products: Honesty, Virtue, Harmony, Perfection.
      “Our Ways” manifests the “Build the World” mission of BAIC Motor, which always regards "Joyful travels for people, Win-win growth for partners, Self-achievement for employees, Social civilization and progress" as the highest dream.

      Our Craftsmanship:

      Tough. Persistent. Dedicated. Supreme.

      Tough, is to hold on and not give up when facing obstacles and pressure and is to work harder and harder and "Never Say Die" when facing failures and being questioned.
      Persistent, is to spot the correct direction and do not forget the original intention, is the courage and determination that “never stop until get the finest” and “never give up until achieve the goal”.
      Dedicated,is to cohere energy and wisdom without distractions, to improve products and service constantly and to pursue professional progress continuously.
      Supreme, is to care details and to pursue perfection as much as one can, and is also the strong willingness and solid actions to spend time and efforts for repeated improvements if there is any space for bettering-off.


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