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      BAIC Domestic Brands Bloom Dazzlingly, Open A New Chapter of 2.0 Era

      Date: 19 April 2017     

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      The?BIAC Motor news conference?with the theme of "Future of Innovation and Intelligence" was held at the booth?of BAIC?Group?in Hall?4.1, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on 19 April during the Automobile Shanghai?Media Day. Mr Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group Chairman, Mr Chen Hongliang, President of BAIC, Mr Liu Yu, Vice President of BAIC Motor and Chief of the BAIC Motor R&D Center and other BAIC leaders, Mr Feng Xiaogang, the famous old gangster and the BJ?80 spokesperson?as well as nearly 100 media reporters?attended the conference.

      Change with times, BIAC Motor will direct to the future by a new path.?Mr Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group remarked during the news conference?that "The automotive industry of 100 years history is facing a major change in technology direction, industry path, business model and competitive environment. Therefore we will break out from the homogeneous?competition?with the 'Differentiation', we will step into the era of new energy with the 'Electronic', we will accelerate the product?upgrade with 'Intelligent', we will double-add the weights?of competition?with 'Service', we will?expending the growth space?with?'Internationalization'?and we will push the management?upgrade?with 'Network-linking'?". The innovation and transformation?for BAIC Motor is on the move!

      (Mr Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group)

      At the Automobile Shanghai, BAIC Group, for the first time, appeared with?a lineup?of 24?major domestic models, including?Senova, BJ, Wei Wang, New Energy, Changhe, Speed, Foton?and etc. The?new Senova?D50 and OffSpace D70 concept car?made their debuts and?turned into the focus of media, which?officially?preludes the 2.0 era for BAIC domestic brands.?

      2.0 era, a brand-new development logo for BAIC

      The new 2.0 era?domestic models?of BAIC Motor will get dramatic improvement in design.?The?core concept?of independent?2.0 era?is to meet?the value?of consumers, the important?task is to create "classic products"?that are both widely-applauded and well-sold. In the aspect of design, the 2.0 era?models will focus on better "Appearance" and?improvement of family design elements. Meanwhile?the?in-car human-computer interaction will?comprehensively enhance the?consumer?experiences and achieve the first-class?intelligence?in the industry.

      The new Senova?D50, an entry-level A-Class family sedan that debuted this time, is?the first?BAIC 2.0 model. The D50 is based on Baidu CarLife, a new generation mobile phone interconnection platform, that is applicable to Andriod and IOS systems. The cars is equipped with natural-voice control technology, cloud online services, intelligent voice navigation?and is matchable with popular APPs too. All-around intelligence including navigation, Bluetooth phone, music information exchange?can be realized to highlight?the "Comfort,?Tech, Fashion" features.

      (New?BAIC?Senova D50)

      OffSpace D70, another new concept car?debuting?at the conference, is a new sedan concept model?presented at the Automobile Shanghai, following the SUV concept model?OffSpace?that was launched at the Auto China 2016. OffSpace?was awarded as the "Best Concept Car of 2016" by Car Styling, a world leading car styling magazine, and the OffSpace D70 inheriting and developing the excellent design?gene?of the "best concept car"?became another fashion?highlight?in the Shanghai event by its more forward-looking design language and design features. Its unique and innovative modeling language interprets the design direction?for new generation Senova sedans and its design elements of strong?characters endow the the concept?car sense of technology and quality of high fashion.

      (BAIC OffSpace D70)

      In addition, the new Senova?X55 is a newly-upgraded?model?in 2017 that is also injected?with?the power of the 2.0 era?design language. The model car shown on scene?conveys the "Tech-Fashion"?dynamic temperament?and?rich intelligent technology configuration,?which is expected to firm confidence?of choice?to more consumers.

      Intelligence, a?new?development path?for BAIC


      In addition to the newly-debut models?above, more focuses were caught at the BAIC Group booth. Mr Feng Xiaogang, the famous director, shown up at the BJ "Off-road Family"?together with the debut BJ40, B40L, BJ80 models, displaying the perfect combination?of off-road passion and military quality. Besides, a show for?intelligent results?called "Black?Tech"?took place on site, which refers to the NOVA-Space, a new generation?intelligent cockpit?jointly developed?by BAIC Motor and Panasonic. NOVA-Space?is not only a continuation?of the OffSpace concept car?that was shown at the Auto China 2016, but also an important embodiment of the intelligent cockpit of the NOVA-PLS strategy that was released at the CES in early 2017. NOVA-Space?together with NOVA-Pilotl and NOVA-Link, compose the "Three?in One"?Structure of the NOVA-PLS.

      The NOVA-Space?can achieve?L3?conditional auto?driving in the electronic intelligent driving?and?human-computer interaction experience, is capable of continuous, two-way, natural barrier-free human-computer interaction communication and intelligent auto?driving through voice, images, gestures and other natural interactive methods. This?intelligent cockpit system fully demonstrates BAIC Motor’s strong power in intelligent technology and relentless?efforts?in the intelligent??car field, which also builds?a solid foundation?for boosting the intelligent driving technology.

      (NOVA-Space, BAIC Motor’s new generation of intelligent cockpit)

      The Automobile Shanghai?2017 has obviously become an important stage?for BAIC Motor to centrally show its domestic brand?images. Facing the new competitive environment and consumers’ upgrading value?demand, it is the strategic plan?for BAIC Motor during the "13rd Five-Year Plan"?and also necessary measures for?competitiveness enhancement?for China's automotive?companies, to make every effort to build up 2.0 era?domestic products?and to focus on intelligent car research and development.


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